The Stay Beautiful Carpet Care Program

~ Excellent Value

You get almost twice the cleaning for virtually the same price as a once-a-year cleaning.Feet

Living Room~ Greatly Improved Appearance Level

Most people wait until they just can’t stand their carpets due to dirt and general ugliness. Then they call us! With the Stay Beautiful Program, your home sparkles ALL the time.

~ Carpeting Wears Longer

Since fiber-cutting grit is removed on a regular basis, your carpets will last longer and look better.

~ Pre-scheduled Maintenance

You’ve got a hectic schedule and you still have to care for your home. The Stay Beautiful Program makes your life easier.

~ Other Stay Beautiful FeaturesWine

FREE Carpet Spot Remover & FREE Lifetime refills.

~ Special Offers Only for Stay Beautiful Clients

FREE Spot Removal

*Spot removal up to once a month. Pet urine and food dye do not apply.

Baby~ And Most Importantly…Brighter, Fresher, Cleaner Carpets… ALWAYS!

It’s One Less Thing to Worry About….

Our Stay Beautiful program is like a Service Agreement you might buy when you buy a new appliance. But the difference is, if you purchase a Service Agreement for a new refrigerator, that refrigerator might run fine for thirty years then you’ve wasted your money. But you KNOW your carpets are going to get dirty again makingGraph cleaning mandatory. That’s why the Stay Beautiful Program is a Service Agreement with guaranteed value!

This system lets you keep the same high carpet appearance level year-round for about the same cost at one-time, per-year cleaning. Notice the graph to the right. The red dotted line indicates a favorable appearance level that is maintained over time.

With the Stay Beautiful Program, we come to your home at least every six months which means no money out of your pocket. The first six months we clean all open areas in your home. Then, the next six months we clean wall to wall.

You, of course, pay for the cleaning we’ve done today and then you invest only 10% of the total cleaning price each month. We calculate your Stay Beautiful Program on your initial carpet cleaning, thus making your monthly investment of carpet cleaning $____.

Imagine, for about the same amount of money as a yearly cleaning, you’re getting two cleaning instead of one!Certificate