We strive to be the best cleaning company in the world! And we are serious, please find the following reasons below that we feel far surpass the competition.

  1. We offer a best service or your money back guarantee. This simply means that if for any reason you or your clients are not thrilled with the work performed or the way you were treated by our company the work is FREE!!
  2. We use all of our own professional cleaning supplies at no additional cost to you.
  3. We are completely insured and carry workman’s comp on all our employees that way if we accidentally damage something you are covered or if they get hurt you are not responsible.
  4. We use the best employees in the industry. If they do not meet our strict standards they will not work for or company, this is our way of letting you know you are in good hands.
  5. We run criminal background checks on all of our employees. This ensures you that you are allowing a trustworthy company in your home or facility.
  6. With our carpet cleaning services we offer year round spot protection and a life time supply of professional spotter.

Our services tend to run $37.50hr. + $30.00 for service charge for those outside the Newton and Grinnell area.