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At Integrity Cleaning & Restoration, we are confident in your satisfaction with our carpet cleaning services that we offer a FREE bottle of Spot-Out Carpet Stain Remover and walk you through a FREE Carpet Care Orientation on the day of your carpet installation or cleaning.

If Disaster Strikes…

First, don’t panic! We have your back!

Try removing the spot as soon as possible with your FREE Spot-Out Carpet Stain Remover. If you run into problems, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the procedure. If the stubborn spot still won’t budge, notify us within 24 hours to schedule a convenient time for one of our technicians to come out and attempt to remove the offending spot at NO CHARGE*.

*DO NOT USE ANYTHING OTHER THAN SPOT OUT. Use of improper chemicals to remove the spot will void the warranty. Customer must try to remove the spot according to Spot-Out label instructions before the cleaning professional visits. Integrity Cleaning & Restoration reserves the right to evaluate the spot and make an informed decision regarding coverage restrictions.


1. Tracked-in soil and other stains on predominant portions of traffic areas

2. Pet urine and feces

3. Petroleum products

4. Extensive water or sewer damage (Ask us about out water damage and restoration services!)

5. Food dye, such as soft drinks or wine

Although these spot stain contingencies are not covered under your Spot & Spill Warranty, for a nominal fee, an Integrity Cleaning & Restoration technician will come to your home or business to remove them. However, the problems listed above may not be removable. Our technician will use all professional methods necessary to restore your carpet.