Are you tired of your vehicle constantly being dirty from everyday use? Your vehicle, much like your home, builds up years of dirt and bacteria that can be harmful to you or your loved ones. It is recommended that you get your vehicle detailed once every 2 – 3 months to ensure cleanliness and to promote a healthy atmosphere for yourself and your passengers.

Another aspect of auto-detailing is to give it that brand new exterior finish. Everything from cleaning to polishing and waxing. When dirt and certain chemicals are on a vehicle for long enough, they begin to cause staining or they will even begin to eat away at your cars paint-job. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repair. However, with the magic of auto detailing, you car can look clean and remain clean by taking the time to clean your vehicles exterior on a regular basis.

Interior Detailing


Interior detailing is one of the most overlooked tasks, yet plays a big part in your life considering most people spend roughly 10 hours in their cars each week. From odors to bacteria, vehicles can become very hazardous overtime since they don’t get to air out very often. In order to complete an interior detailing job, workers go over every aspect of the interior, from the seats and dash, to the carpets panels. Vacuuming is an obvious step utilizing steam cleaning with certain chemicals to prevent future stains and buildup from forming. Your interior will be odor-free, and sanitary. As mentioned before, it is recommended for the interior of a vehicle to be cleaned every 2 – 3 months.

Exterior Detailing


So why not have your vehicles exterior cleaned? Many people will use the line “I’ll just let the rain take care of it,” or even “Why worry about the outside of my vehicle when I don’t have to see it.” While both of these are understandable responses, let it be known that the exterior of your car is just as important as the inside. Little known fact is that rain water can house thousands of different chemicals inside of itself that can eventually eat away at your paint over time. Also, dirt can gather in certain parts of a vehicle causing sun spots. While these are not an overnight process, when overlooked for a long enough time, they will be difficult and expensive to repair, sometimes requiring a complete repainting.

Exterior detailing involves bringing back the clean shine that a cars paintwork once has. Workers clean everything from the body windows. The wheels tires and chrome trim are also included along with the rims themselves. They do this thru a series of steps in which they remove all foreign substances then polish (paint correction) using a special polishing pad and specific chemicals based on level of severity.