Water Damage Restoration Newton IA

Get experienced water damage restoration services in Newton, IA, to quickly recover your property. Our highly trained staff employs the latest techniques and equipment to immediately restrict water damage, ensuring complete cleanup and restoration. Trust us to handle your water damage restoration needs with care and expertise.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration In Newton IA

Whether from a storm, broken pipes, blocked drains, or fire damage, water damage can be overwhelming for homeowners and a complex issue for restoration. That’s why your ideal choice is Integrity Cleaning & Restoration. As a one-stop shop, we can help restore your home to better than ever.

IICR-Approved Advanced Methods

Infrared Technology
Lower Humidity
Sort Contents
Discard Debris
Drain Ceilings & Walls
Dry Ceilings, Walls, & Floors
Dry Electrical Circuits & Boxes

Complete Water Restoration Services

Trust our comprehensive water damage restoration services in Newton, IA. From the initial cleanup to the restoration of your property to its pre-damage condition, we handle each step with care and accuracy.


Structural Drying




Water Extraction


Mold Prevention


Basement Pump-Out


Full Service Reconstruction

What might need to be restored all depends on where the water and mold have intruded in your home or business.

Water Recovery Tips

Learn important water recovery tips for dealing with damage restoration in Newton, IA. From immediate risk reduction to long-term recovery approaches our comprehensive guide provides expert advice and efficient options for restoring your property.

Find and stop source of water, or call Integrity for help.

Turn off all electrical appliances in and around the area.
Remove or elevate furniture out of water.
Remove excess water if possible.
Open drawers & cabinets to speed drying.
Stay Away from sagging ceilings!
DO NOT turn on ceiling fixtures.
DO NOT leave papers like books or newspapers on a wet floor.
DO NOT try to dry carpeting with a space heater.
DO NOT use a household vacuum to remove water.
Prevent mildew: DO NOT run furnace above 68 degrees.

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