Hardwood Floor Refinishing Newton IA

Revitalize your space with expert hardwood floor refinishing services in Newton. Transform worn-out floors into appealing focal areas with our professional refinishing services. Our expert team effectively restores hardwood surfaces, revealing their natural beauty and improving their longevity. Experience unparalleled expertise and flawless results to rejuvenate your home or business interiors.

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Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Newton IA

At Integrity Cleaning & Restoration, we use an effective and efficient cleaning, waxing, and buffing method to bring your hardwood floors back to life. In this day and age, no one has the time to have their hardwood floors fully sanded and stained, a process that can take anywhere from 4-7 days from start to finish depending on the amount of flooring that needs attention.

Paste or Liquid Wax

Wax in the form of a paste will simply bring back shine to your floors. Wax in the form of a liquid comes in a variety of colors in order to help restore potential discoloration occurring on your floors. At Integrity Cleaning & Restoration, we offer a variety of wax products in order to meet the needs of your hardwood floors.

Our Process

Experience the ultimate transformation with our hardwood floor refinishing services in Newton. Our experts carefully restore the elegance of your floors with creative methods and high-quality materials. Say goodbye to damage, dullness, and wear, and hello to floors that shine with timeless elegance.

Sweep or vacuum to remove debris


Clean the wood floors using a dual cleaning process to remove any residue


Apply wax (paste or liquid)


Buff the wood floors to reveal their new shine

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