Pet Urine and Odor Removal Services Newton IA

Professional Pet Urine/Odor Removal Services In Newton IA

3 different Pet Urine/Odor Removal treatment methods.

Method – 1: A “normal” Integrity Cleaning & Restoration carpet cleaning with deodorizer added into the pre-spray. Because This method is only 10% effective and will not remove the pet odor as the odor could have soaked through to the carpet pad and sub-floor. To remove the odor, the source of the odor must be completely removed.

Method – 2: After conducting Method #1, we rinse the trouble spot thoroughly with water using a special extraction tool and apply our deodorizing enzyme treatment. Because The enzymes within the treatment will attack the bacteria that causes the odor. After allowing enough time for the enzyme treatment to do its work, we rinse the area again with a special extraction tool that is specifically designed to remove both the deodorizing enzyme treatment and the pet urine from the carpet padding. By removing most of the urine from the padding we are eliminating most of the odor as well. However, since the padding has pockets like a sponge and the odor has potentially soaked through to the sub-floor, the odor may still be present. This method is 50-80% effective and may not eliminate the pet odor completely. To remove the odor, the source of the odor must be completely removed. For a 100% effective method see Option #3. (Option #2 is $38.50 per gallon plus the normal cost of cleaning).

Method -3: This method is 100% effective and guaranteed. We pull back the carpet in the effected areas and remove all of the effected carpet padding. We seal the sub-floor with a counteractive odor sealer, replace the old carpet padding, restretch the carpet we previously pulled back, and treat the carpet with our deodorizing enzyme treatment (process explained in Method #2).

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