How to Choose the Right Water Damage Restoration Company?

Jun 26, 2024

Are you ready for an unexpected water damage situation? Your house, business building, or multi-family complex could experience it at any time. In an instant, severe weather, burst pipes, concealed leaky faucets, and sprinkler system errors can result in damage worth thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind that damage is sometimes invisible, so if you encounter any of these problems, it is crucial to contact a professional water damage restoration company. Here are 5 tips to choose the best water damage restoration company when it is time for a professional opinion.

5 Things to consider while choosing the right water damage restoration company

1. Choose one with credible local references

Online review sites such as Yelp or Google are a good place to start with your research, but the information they provide isn’t necessarily accurate. Locating testimonials from past or present customers is the best option.

While it is sometimes possible to inquire with friends or local businesses, it is usually best to ask the company directly. Reputable companies always provide references to interested clients upon request, even if they do not post references online.

2. Ensure they have a proper plan

Strict adherence to proven techniques and careful attention to detail are necessary for high-quality water damage restoration. The best companies will be aware of this and strive to communicate with you clearly and concisely at each step.

Your chosen company should perform a comprehensive examination of the property and base its approach on its findings, as every property is different and water damage scenarios are different. The company should next carry out the strategy, taking care of everything from debris removal to water extraction, dehumidification and drying, sanitization, and, if required, selective demolition and reconstruction.

3. Check for the equipment and methods they use

The right professional water damage restoration company knows that the standard equipment for water damage restoration won’t work. You will need advanced equipment like industrial-grade fans for drying and dehumidification, infrared cameras and moisture meters for moisture mapping, high-quality anti-microbial sprays to combat mold growth, and many others.

So, it is advisable to choose those equipped with the right methods and equipment.

4. Ask for certified expertise

Saying you’re an expert in business water damage restoration and having the credentials and expertise to support it are two different things. Understanding the profession completely requires years of expertise, and similar to degrees obtained in school, there are numerous certifications available for cleaning, inspection, and restoration. Your partner should be sufficiently knowledgeable in all fields to be able to handle even the most difficult tasks.

5. Customer service and satisfaction

After all, it’s about your property. Any setback or delay could have high costs. Clearly state your expectations right away. Leading water damage specialists will hold themselves to a high standard and pursue perfection all the way through.

Choose us for your water damage restoration need

You can rely on our expert water damage restoration specialists when you require emergency water extraction and restoration. Our seasoned staff is ready to assess, clean, and restore your commercial properties to their pre-disaster condition, helping to minimize disruption, mitigate health risks, and prepare for and prevent future disasters with detailed response plans.

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