What are the Most Common Causes of Water Damage?

Mar 28, 2024

Water damage can be a real nightmare for any property owner. Its ability to cause devastating damage to both the home’s structure and your family’s health makes it avoidable at all costs.

However, you can only avoid and prevent a situation when you know what causes it. So, here are some major causes of water damage that can potentially result in damage. By knowing these causes, you will be able to take proper precautionary measures to keep water damage at bay.

5 Common Causes of Water Damage

⇒ Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like storms, heavy rainfalls, hurricanes, and flooding are major causes of water damage in homes. Such disasters can cause unwanted damage to your property and unwelcome intrusion of water in your home, leading to water damage.

Heavy storms and hurricanes can damage your roofs and other structures, causing water to leak into your home. Heavy rainfalls along with floods can quickly force water inside your home, particularly basements, causing water damage.

Although natural disasters are unpredictable, you can take preventative actions to some extent. To prevent water damage due to natural disasters, installing sump pumps, waterproofing your basement, and installing water detectors can help.

⇒ Leaking and Burst Pipes

Leaking and Burst Pipes

A leakage in the pipes or plumbing system of your home is another major cause of water damage. Pipes age with time and can leak due to a variety of situations and in many ways. It is possible for the pipes inside your walls to form cracks and leak water.

This can lead to invisible damage to your wall’s internal structures, costing hefty repairs later. Apart from that, rusting of pipes or those that face heavy water pressure constantly can also form cracks or ruptures, causing leaks and then water damage.

Moreover, when the temperature of your home drops suddenly, the water in your pipes can freeze and expand. That can cause them to burst, resulting in water damage.

A regular checkup and maintenance of your entire plumbing system can prevent such damage. Also, keep an eye on any old or corroded pipes that have weakened or aged with time and replace them from time to time.

⇒ Faulty Appliances

Faulty Appliances

Electronic appliances can also be a cause of water damage. They include the ones that use water during operation, like refrigerators, washing machines, laundry dryers, water heaters, and even HVAC units.

If such appliances start malfunctioning or aren’t maintained well, they can easily pool your rooms with unwelcome water. Loose hoses or connections to dryers and washing machines are one such instance. Apart from that, a blocked condensation drain pipe of an HVAC unit can also cause water to leak into your walls.

To prevent water damage from such situations, ensure to maintain your appliances in a tip-top state always. Periodic maintenance for HVAC units and heaters can help address issues at an early stage before it leads to damage.

⇒ Clogged Gutters

Clogged Gutters

Another significant element that can potentially cause water damage is your gutter. Gutters are supposed to ensure smooth rainwater passage away from your home. But when they collect debris, leaves, grime, tree twigs, etc., they can get clogged.

These blocked gutters can hinder the drainage of water during heavy rains. This can result in water overflowing into your house’s sidings, walls, and even inside your home.

To prevent gutters from causing water damage, keep them clean. A periodic deep cleanup can clear any buildup of debris and allow easy water flow.

⇒ Sewage Backup

Sewage backup happens when the wastewater in the sewer lines backs up into your home instead of draining away. This can be through overflowing toilets or water coming up from drains and sinks.

Sewage backup can cause devastating water damage. Such water contains tons of waste matter and bacteria that can be toxic and lead to health issues.

Keeping your drainage system well inspected and periodically checked can help detect any blockages. Also, to prevent sewer lines from getting clogged, avoid draining any insoluble matters into the drains that can cause the system to block.


Water damage can be caused due to natural disasters, leaking plumbing, and faulty appliances. Moreover, uncleaned, clogged gutters and sewage backups are also among the leading contributors. Knowing these causes and some preventative tips mentioned above, you will be able to safeguard your home better and reduce the chances of water damage in your home.

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